Roba Family Orchard

Experience our Attractions

Corn Maze

Can you think of anything more fun than getting lost in a corn maze? How about getting lost in our Ronald McDonald House of Scranton corn maze? Take a stroll or play our FSI game in our 5 acre maze. Getting lost, well that’s just part of the fun!

Goat Corral

Visit the goat corral! Pet our goats or feed them from your hand! Our kids love meeting your kids!

Cow Train Express (Weekends Only)

Get moooving on our double seat cow train! Enjoy your ride on our beautiful farm.

Corn Box

The Corn Box is the equivalent of a giant sandbox...filled with CORN! Kids can take off their shoes and have a blast playing in the bright yellow corn kernels! But be warned! -- Corn will be spilling out of pockets, shirts, and pants for the rest of the day!